We are Sapphire Daily Money Management, located in Portland

We assist our clients with:

  •  paying monthly bills
  • review for accuracy
  • balance bank statements
  • review incoming mail
  • organize and keep paperwork accessible for financial advisors

We protect our clients with:

  •  sorting mail
  • eliminating junk mail
  • helping establish a budget
  • review of medical and insurance statements
  • collecting documents for tax preparation

We help our clients to avoid:

  •  late payments and fees
  • over-charges
  • over-payments
  • unexplained service fees
  • policy cancellations due to non-payment

Free consultation:

We begin with a complimentary informational interview, you can get to know us, and we can understand your needs. Together, we determine how best to assist you. Our goals are to help you live independently, avoid financial exploitation and give you peace of mind. 

Mission statement:

We assist seniors and busy professionals with the challenges of monthly money management with care, compassion and expertise. We strive to protect our clients from confusing policies, unnecessary fees and questionable business practices.  

Dishonesty Bond With: