About the Owner


Jan Scott

Sapphire Daily Money Management was originally started in 2006 by Laura Miller and Margit Albrecht.  Both women had been in the busy corporate world when they decided to leave their jobs to start Sapphire.  Margit had her expertise in accounting and auditing while Laura had her expertise in marketing.  Their hard work and dedication is what made Sapphire what it is today. When Margit moved away, Sapphire was sold to Laura.

When Laura wanted to retire, I had the wonderful opportunity to purchase Sapphire from her on May 1, 2018. My expertise has been prominently in business accounting since 1984, but I have also worked for many seniors since 2009.  My caring and compassionate nature combined with my knowledge of accounting makes me a perfect candidate to work with seniors.

About the Team


Marilyn McCormick

Marilyn has been with Sapphire since a few years after it's inception.  She is very detail oriented and has a warm and compassionate personality. Her abilities, flexibility and work ethic are an asset to the company.